Cardiovascular Injury, Repair & Regeneration

Cardiovascular Injury, Repair & Regeneration

The Cardiovascular Injury, Repair and Regeneration theme comprises a collaboration of clinical and basic scientists.  Current areas of research focus are:

Pathways to vascular regeneration

Vascular Repair Disease Areas: large and small vessel atherosclerotic/occlusive disease; angina, PVD, vascular dementia leading to MI, CLI and stroke.  Research Focus: ‘EPCs’, cell therapy, vascular senescence, non-coding RNA, epigenetics

Molecular/Therapeutic/Regenerative Angiogenesis Disease Areas: heart failure, amputation, diabetic complications, wound healing, neurodegeneration.

Research Focus: mechanisms/regulation of angiogenesis, interaction between angiogenesis and adipogenesis, EC-pericyte interactions, non-coding RNA, epigenetics

Calcification and fibrosis in repair and remodelling

Disease Areas: Aortic Stenosis

Research Focus: the body’s response to injury: the body appears to respond to tissue inflammation and injury via two mechanisms: fibrosis and calcification.  What determines which healing mechanism predominates? e.g. fibrosis in skin healing, calcification in TB?

Clinical Translation

Disease Areas: Coronary artery disease, Aortic stenosis, Aortic Aneurysm, Cardiomyopathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease

Research Focus: Air pollution, Imaging, Biomarkers, Big Data.

An example of an atherosclerotic plaque is shown below: