Cardio-metabolic Imaging

Cardio-metabolic Imaging

Non-invasive imaging techniques have revolutionised the ability to determine primary causes of cardiac, vascular and metabolic disease as well as the efficacy of potential therapies. The Cardio-metabolic Imaging theme is a PI lead group of physicists, engineers, clinicians and biologists who work together, as well as across CVS themes and external collaborations, to generate disease modelling and novel imaging techniques that will ultimately improve diagnosis and future therapies.

The Cardio-metabolic Imaging theme members collaborate across the CVS research themes and beyond to develop and provide state-of-the are in vivo imaging and modelling to our users and collaborators.  Our members are currently pursuing the following research priorities:

  • (Injectable) Biomarker development
  • Hardware and software development
  • Image analysis, big data and modelling

Current areas of development include: novel PET travers for research through to clinic; methods of focussed ultrasound  disruption of the blood-brain barrier; modelling of blood flow; functional MRI paradigms that parallel human studies; and injectable biomarkers for disease.   We welcome requests for collaborative projects – please contact Megan Holmes, Theme Lead:

In vivo imaging and modelling of humans and animals can provide important information on structure and function of different organs in a non invasive manner. Many CVS members use the excellent preclinical (Edinburgh Preclinical Imaging) and clinical (CRIC - Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI and BRIC - Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH) facilities to generate state-of the art imaging protocols to determine novel biomarkers and therapies for their respective fields.