Work in CVS

Work in CVS


CVS Facilities

The Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI) provides state-of-the-art laboratories shared with the MRC Centres for Inflammation Research and Reproductive Health.  CVS has space for 200 staff with shared facilities including rodent pathology, mass spectrometry, a bioinformatics hub, a laboratory for animal surgery, FACS and Advanced Light Microscopy, and an extensive Zebrafish aquarium.  The Biomedical Research Facility provides 2200m2 of rodent accommodation, rederivation, transgenesis and cryopreservation services, specialised procedure rooms and a preclinical imaging facility including 7T magnetic resonance scanner, ultrasound and optical imaging equipment.  The Clinical Research Imaging Centre in QMRI has 3T MRI, PET/CT, a dedicated on-site Cyclotron, and 320-slice multidetector CT.  The Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility provides state-of-the-art facilities (including support for nursing, genetics, mass spectrometry, statistics and image analysis) and an optimal environment for conducting clinical research, with a satellite unit in the Royal Infirmary, adjacent to QMRI.

Staff Support and Development

The Institute for Academic Development offers opportunities for researchers at all career stages.  They provide a range of tailored workshops, advice and other opportunities for academic research-only staff (for example, research assistants, post-docs, and research fellows).

CVS provides in-house research support for developing grant applications and collaborations through our Research Facilitator and Lab Manager.  Support is provided at College-level by the Research Support Office.

The Mentoring Connections programme provides all staff with time and space to meet with a mentor/mentee to talk through a variety of issues that affect them at various stages of their career and development, for example work life balance, career development, or promotion paths.


For vacancies in CVS, please see the University of Edinburgh Jobs Website