BHF Centre of Research Excellence

BHF Centre of Research Excellence

The Edinburgh BHF Centre of Research Excellence is investing in excellence and future talent, and the Centre aims to nurture the most promising young scientists into the next generation of world-class heart researchers. By joining forces with leading figures from other disciplines, questions will are tackled more effectively. Research from the BHF Centre should bring direct patient benefit within the next five to ten years.

Led by Professor John Mullins, the Centre attracts the very best researchers who complement existing strengths and provide novel approaches to working. Critical core facilities, including bioinformatics and imaging facilities are run by technical experts and will shared between research divisions that focus on a range of diseases. Joining forces in this way enables researchers in the Centre to investigate research questions more effectively. Strategic collaborations between heart disease specialists and researchers from other disciplines, such as physics, bring skills and know-how to answer questions that bioscientists cannot tackle alone.


CoRE Members

The Award from the British Heart Foundation has given the Centre of Research Excellence the opportunity to forge key strategic partnerships.

CoRE Supported Research Projects

The Centre has four main themes of research:

  • Metabolic Risk Factors
  • Vascular Injury, Inflammation & Repair
  • Renal And Vascular Risk Factors
  • Stem Cells

CoRE-funded Researcher: Dr James Minchin

Edinburgh Principal Investigator Career Track Fellow (BHF CoRE)

Using zebrafish to understand the genetic basis of body fat distribution

CoRE-funded Researcher: Dr You-Ying Chau

Edinburgh Principal Investigator Career Track Fellow

Current Research Interests

Adipose tissue origins, heterogeneity, functions and regulatory mechanisms