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Name Role Phone Email
Emma Johns Clinical Research Fellow
David Stoye Clinical Research Fellow
Claire Wilson Clinical Research Fellow
Philip Adamson Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiology
Panagiotis Anastasopoulos Research Associate
Ruth Andrew Personal Chair of Pharmaceutical Endocrinology 0131 242 6763
Mohamed Anwar Clinical Research Fellow
Adrienne Assmus Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Matthew Bailey Personal Chair of Renal Physiology 0131 242 9233
Andrew Baker Gustav Born Chair of Vascular Biology 0131 242 6728
Margaret Ballantyne Research Fellow
Cecile Benezech Chancellor's Fellow 0131 242 6720
Abdelaziz Beqqali Research Fellow
Luke Boyle Clinical Research Fellow
Mairi Brittan Research Fellow
Roger Brown Senior Clinical Lecturer 0131 242 6741
Jennifer Burton Clinical Research Fellow 01312426371
Andrea Caporali Chancellor's Fellow 0131 242 6760
Roderick Carter Post-doctoral Scientist
Axelle Caudrillier Research Fellow
William Cawthorn Chancellor's Fellow 0131 242 6691
Thomas Chambers Clinical Research Training Fellow
Karen Chapman Personal Chair of Molecular Endocrinology 0131 242 6736
Fiona Chapman Clinical Research Fellow
Andrew Chapman Clinical Research Fellow
You-Ying Chau Senior Research Fellow (EPICT) `Edinburgh Principal Investig 0131-242-6733
Katherine Connor Clinical Research Fellow
Bryan Conway Senior Clinical Lecturer 0131 242 6691
Andrew Crawford Postdoctoral Statistical Geneticist 01173313379
Mihaela Crisan Chancellor's Fellow +44 (0)131 651 9531
Melissa Cudmore MRC Career Development Fellow 01312426292
Alicja Czopek Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Marwa Daghem Clinical Research Fellow
James Dear Reader
Laura Denby ESAT Fellow 0131 3302426781
Lin Deng Research Fellow
Martin Denvir Reader 0131 242 9236
Kerri Devine Clinical Research Fellow
Neeraj Dhaun Intermediate Clinical Fellow 0131 242 6786
Mhairi Doris Clinical Research Fellow
Amanda Drake Reader 0131 242 6748
Marc Dweck Reader 0131 242 6361
Michael Eddleston Personal Chair of Clinical Toxicology 0131 242 1383
Tariq Farrah Clinical Research Fellow
Roberta Felici Postdoctoral Research Fellow 0131 242 6619
Alexander Fletcher Clinical Research Fellow
Shareen Forbes Reader 0131 242 6741
Takeshi Fujisawa Research Fellow 01316519545
Peter Gallacher Clinical Research Fellow
Zaniah Gonzalez Galofre Post-Doctoral Researcher
Gillian Gray Reader 0131 242 9213
Celine Grenier Postdoctoral Research Associate
Patrick Hadoke Reader 0131 242 6742
Anjanette Harris Research Fellow 0131 2426747
Margarete Heck Personal Chair of Cell Biology and Genetics 0131 242 6694
Megan Holmes Personal Chair of Molecular Neuroendocrinology 0131 242 6737
Natalie Homer Research Fellow 0131 242 9333
Kahyee Hor ECAT Clinical Lecturer
Peter Hoskins Personal Chair of Medical Physics and Biomechanics 0131 242 6740
John Hung Clinical Research Fellow
Robert Hunter Clinical Research Career Development Fellow 0131 2429214
Jessica Ivy Research Fellow
Jean Iyinikkel BHF Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Maurits Jansen Preclinical Imaging Facility Manager 0131 242 9359/9360
Jakub Kaczynski Clinical Research Fellow
Shazia Khan Post-doctoral Researcher
Mukesh Lalwani Research Fellow
Kuan Lee Clinical Research Fellow
Dawn Livingstone Lecturer
Marcus Lyall ECAT Clinical Lecturer
Mark Macaskill Post-doctoral Research Scientist
Ralitsa Madsen Research Fellow
Marlene Magalhaes Pinto Research Fellow
Amira Mahmoud Research Fellow
Morag Mansley Research Fellow 0131 242 7930
Gianfranco Matrone Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dominique McCormick Research Fellow
David Mellis Research Data Service Assistant
Robert Menzies Research Fellow
Zoi Michailidou ESAT Fellow 0131 2426781
Mark Miller Research Fellow 0131 242 9334
Mark Miller Research Fellow 0131 242 9334
Nicholas Mills Personal Chair of Cardiology 0131 242 6515
James Minchin Senior Research Fellow (EPICT) `Edinburgh Principal Investig +44 (0)131 242 7930
Vladislav Miscianinov Research Fellow
Tijana Mitic Research Fellow (Career Re-entry BHF Research Fellow)
Carmel Moran Personal Chair of Preclinical Ultrasound + 44 131 242 6319
Ruth Morgan Postdoctoral Researcher:Equine Endocrinology
Nicholas Morton Personal Chair of Molecular Metabolism 0131 242 6693
Linda Mullins Research Fellow 0131 242 6720
John Mullins Personal Chair of Molecular Physiology 0131 242 6722
David Newby BHF Duke of Edinburgh Chair of Cardiology 0131 242 6515
Mark Nixon Postdoctoral Research Fellow 01312426292
Melissa Pearson Research Fellow
Ewan Pearson Visiting Professor
Bruno Peault Chair of Vascular Regeneration 0131 651 9505
Sari Pennings Senior Lecturer 0131 242 6145
Laura Reid Clinical Research Fellow in Diabetes and Endocrinology
Rebecca Reynolds Personal Chair of Metabolic Medicine 0131 242 6762
Julie Rodor Senior Scientist +44 (0)131 242 6745
Katharina Schraut Postdoctoral Researcher
Jonathan Seckl Moncrieff Arnott Chair of Molecular Medicine
Scott Semple Reader 0131 242 7757
Robert Semple Chair of Translational Molecular Medicine
Anoop Shah Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology
Nicholas Spath Clinical Research Fellow
Helen Spencer Research Fellow
Ana-Mishel Spiroski Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Catherine Stables Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Roland Stimson Personal Chair of Endocrinology 0131 242 6748
Fiona Strachan Clinical Research Manager
Karla Suchacki Research Fellow
Maaz Syed Clinical Research Fellow
Panna Tandon Research Fellow
Adriana Tavares Research Fellow in PET Imaging 0131 242 7975
Evangelos Tzolos Clinical Research Fellow
Katherine Walesby Clinical Research Fellow
David Webb Christison Chair of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology 0131 242 9216
Scott Webster Personal Chair of Medicines Discovery 0131 242 6738
Michelle Williams Clinical Lecturer in Cardiothoracic Radiology
Joyce Yau Senior Lecturer 0131 242 6760